Smart Task Management

On-demand, on-the-job, step-by-step work instructions to get the job done faster, more accurate with real- time data synchronization with backend business systems

Taskimo Smart Task Management, hands-free workflow management & data collection system

Enterprise grade,


secure software platform created for wearables.

Receive task guidance
Complete checklists & forms totally hands-free
Capture real-time media from field
Follow-up sequential procedures, performing a complex/unfamiliar task
Advance controls on checklist & audit report preparation establishing timeframes, process duration, outdoor & indoor geofences

  • Create dynamic workflows consisting of dynamic tasks with sequential or logical order
  • Assign workflows to users/user groups with a powerful scheduling engine
  • On-demand access to company knowledge-base
  • Realtime tracking of user interaction with workflows
  • Capture real-time user input such as per task
  • Log and report task/workflow completion duration and generate analytic reports on user performance
  • Capture various input types like number, date, OK/NOK, media
  • Initiate workflows via QR code reader

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