Wearable Manual & TRAINING System

On-demand, sequential user manual & process guidance with augmented reality support, activity logging & analytics

Trainimo hands-free operator training & user manual system

Mobile user manual & wearable process

training system for both self-service assembly/support

instructions and enterprise processes

Receive step-by-step process instructions with audio-visual & augmented reality support
Follow-up sequential procedures, performing a complex/unfamiliar task

Repetitively perform same task activities to increase expertise on workflow & reduce cycle times On-the-job parallel process training, eliminating long training programs in sandboxed environment Significantly reduce cycle time of an unfamiliar complex procedure

  • Create dynamic workflows consisting of dynamic tasks with sequential or logical order
  • Attach audio-visual & augmented reality content to enhance self-learning process
  • Log and report task/workflow completion duration and generate analytic reports on user performance
  • Initiate workflows via QR code reader either on product/equipment/station
  • Training & student QR catalogue app for trainers

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